Arrarex Caravel Vintage Lever Espresso Machine Orange Color


This is a beautiful old new stock  220V Orange Arrarex Caravel lever espresso machine and is being sold as a collector espresso machine. It makes espresso only. Ad additional $180.00 has been added to the sale of this item as customer has requested that it be refurbished for their personal use.  Customer understands there is a no return policy due to the alterations being made to this old new stock espresso machine.

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This is a beautiful old new stock Orange Arrarex Caravel lever espresso machine in 220v (European voltage not North American). The espresso machine is new and has never been used so would be a very special addition to any lever espresso machine collection. Original drip tray, grill and feet are in excellent shape just as it would have been received in its era. There is one small paint chip on the front base of the machine which shows as a slight color variation due to someone attempting to repair the chip many years ago. Please observe all photos carefully before purchasing. We are happy to answer any questions and provide video prior to purchase. there are two options to operate this machine for espresso: boil water, fill the open boiler and pull the lever to bring espresso through the grouped. the second option is to purchase a two step converter which is readily available on Amazon for approximately $60.00. With a machine this simple, I have found that pouring boiling water into the boiler was plenty sufficient to produce a good espresso shot. A milk foamer can be added when steam milk is desired.

This lever machine is being sold as a collector’s piece and will not be refurbished as such. The vintage lever will arrive as described and shown in this listing. We are not responsible for refurbishing this espresso machine and leave it to the discretion of the buyer.

Please note: There is a no return policy on all vintage lever espresso machines due to rarity and potential damage with return shipping.

This Orange Arrarex Caravel lever espresso machine comes with:
Double Basket
2 Vintage Cortado Glasses
High Resolution Copy Of Instruction Manual




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