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This is a beautiful old new stock Orange Arrarex Caravel lever espresso machine in 200v. The espresso machine is new and has never been used so would be a very special addition to any lever espresso machine collection. Original drip tray, grill and feet are in excellent shape  just as it would have been received in its era. There is one small paint chip on the front base of the machine.

This lever machine is being sold as a collector’s piece not as a daily use espresso machine. We are not responsible thereafter if you decide to use it instead of keeping as a collector’s piece. Please see other listings for refurbished, fully functioning espresso machines if a daily use espresso machine is desired.

Comes with:
Double Basket
2 Vintage Cortado Glasses
High Resolution Copy Of Instruction Manual

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Vintage Caravel lever old new stock original orange espresso machine in 220v.

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