Faema Velox Wall Mount Vintage Espresso Machine


This is our third import of the rare and impressive Faema Velox wall mount lever espresso machine.  This lever espresso machine is best for someone wanting to take on a refurbishing project as it is not refurbished. We have access to gaskets and sell for the project and can supply if needed.

These levers were made for espresso only and were initially used in Italian railcars in the 1950s. The Faema on the right is from our museum collection and is used to demonstrate how the machine can look after it has been refurbished and how it is used. The machine does not have a boiler so must be plumbed in with a direct line to supply water. A step converter can be used for the power supply which converts 220v to 110v.

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Vintage 1953 Faema Velox wall mount 220 v espresso machine in unrefurbished condition.

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