Yemen Mocca Kholani Coffee Whole Bean – Roasted 12oz


Yemen Mocca Kholani whole bean coffee. Very rare.

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Yemen Mocca is a coffee that I’ve wanted to spring for as long as I’ve set up shop, it’s that expensive. But as a lover of Kona, this was one that I had to get in by any means necessary. This coffee is rare and delicious and historic. For that reason, I drink it as a special occasion espresso and pour over and one I also serve to honored friends and family. It’s a beautiful coffee to roast and a beautiful coffee to drink.

Country of Origin: Yemen

Varietal: Mocca Kholani

Cupping Notes: Rhubarb, Red Berry, Dark Chocolate, Herbal

Terroir: Natural, Hand Picked, Dried In Full Sun

Roast Level: Medium, Full First Crack

Delicious As: Espresso, Cortado, Cappuccino, Pour Over, Aeropress, French Press, Moka Pot


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