Bali Kintamani Whole Bean – Roasted 12oz


Bali Kintamani Highlands roasted coffee whole beans.

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I’ve had a deep aromatic connection to Bali for some time. I import essential oils as well as coffee from Bali. There is something special in the soil that provides a richness that leaves both aromatics and coffee with a rich, green cognac profile that fatigues neither the nose or taste buds. Not easy an easy task for this roaster. The Kintamani Highlands are rich with volcanic soil and are tended by farmers who adhere to ancient irrigation systems. The coffee is truly one of my favorites.


Country of Origin: Bali

Varietal: Kintamani Highlands

Cupping Notes: Fine Chocolate, Cognac, Berries, Smooth, Exceptional Cup

Terroir: Shade grown in among citrus trees by family owned farms. Sustainable irrigation systems developed by Hindu priests over 1000 years ago.

Roast Level: Medium, Full First Crack

Delicious As: Espresso, Cortado, Cappuccino, Pour Over, Aeropress, French Press, Moka Pot


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12 oz


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